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Wayne Patterson - Grant Bowler
Constable Wayne Patterson
Wayne and his wife Roz were already stationed at Mt Thomas when Blue Heelers began.   He'd had a relationship with Maggie at the academy which caused a bit of friction at the station when she arrived.   His wife Roz was never happy in Mt Thomas and they eventually divorced.   Wayne was hit by a car and killed in the episode 'An Act of Random Violence' screened in mid 1996.
Grant Bowler
Grant Bowler, a graduate of NIDA, is best known to television viewers for his role as Wayne Patterson in Channel Seven's long-running drama Blue Heelers. He was one of the original cast members of Blue Heelers but left the show in 1996 in the episode 'An Act of Random Violence'.

He went on to play Dr Arch Craven in Medivac and to roles in Wildside and Halifax FP. Grant's theatre credits include The Merchant of Venice, Richard III, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet for the Bell Shakespeare Company. He also has the lead role in the upcoming feature A Change of Heart, directed by Rod Hay.   Grant appeared last year in Seven's drama Close Contact playing Mike Heyns.   He also filmed a TV drama On The Beach in 1999, co-starring Bryan Brown, Jacqueline McKenzie and Rachel Ward among others!   He is the host of the show Who is the Mole? which is shown on Channel Seven.

Grant married 'Stingers' star Roxanne Wilson in January 2001.
-Always Greener (2001) - Greg Steele
-Finding Hope (2001) - Jack
-On The Beach (2000) - Lt. Peter Holmes
-The Mole? (2000, 2001) - Host
-Close Contact (1999) - Mike Heyns
-Farscape (1999) - Sharmo Limko (ep 1.8)
-Change of Heart (1999) - Jason
-Halifax FP: Someone You Know - (1997) - Bob Palance
-Medivac (1996) - Dr Archibald "Arch" Craven
-Wildside - guest role
-Blue Heelers (1994 - 1996) - Constable Wayne Patterson
-The Merchant of Venice - The Bell Shakespeare Company
-Richard III - The Bell Shakespeare Company
-Romeo & Juliet - The Bell Shakespeare Company
-Change of Heart (1999) - Jason